ControlCase Audit Manager

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What is Audit Management?

Audit management is the overall process of managing the overall audit process. It enables organizations to reduce dependence on paper, perform the functions faster and with fewer resources and provides a trackable audit trail for these functions.

ControlCase Audit Manager

ControlCase Audit Manager (CAM) is built upon the ControlCase GRC (CC-GRC) platform and provides an integrated solution to managing the functions, documents and tasks associated with audits (IT, Security or Financial) at any organization.
ControlCase Audit Manager provides access to the core elements from the CC-GRC platform such as Workflow, Document Management, Audit Workpaper repository, Fine-grained access control through a secure Web based interface.

Key Features
  • Single and Centralized repository for all workpapers
  • Version control for all workpapers
  • Link workpapers to controls
  • Schedule audits
  • Assign personnel to audits
  • Audit trail
  • Ability to track audit failures
  • Dashboards and reports