BITS Shared Assessments - SIG and AUP

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Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) and Standardized Information Gathering (SIG)

The BITS Shared Assessment Program was created by leading financial institutions, the Big 4 accounting firms, and key service providers to inject standardization, consistency, speed, efficiency and cost savings into the service provider assessment process.

Shared Assessments eliminate redundancies and creates efficiencies, giving all parties a faster, more efficient and less costly means of conducting rigorous and comprehensive security, privacy and business continuity assessments.

ControlCase licenses the BITS content and provides certification services for compliance with the Agreed Upon Procedures. The services provided by ControlCase can be provided independently or in conjunction with our software (in-house or SaaS) solution - the ControlCase Vendor Manager.

The following picture illustrates the workflow associated with managing the BITS Shared Assessment Program using ControlCase Vendor Manager