ControlCase Compliance Manager

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Compliance Management

Compliance management is the overall process of managing the compliance process in an efficient, non-redundant, standardized and automated manner. Compliance management, if implemented correctly can offer some organizations a competitive advantage over the others. If implemented poorly or not even implemented, organizations take on enormous long term risk at the expense of any short term cost advantages.

What can compliance management software do for you?

Compliance Management software helps automate and standardize Compliance Management. The software platform provides certain key functions that help the overall process, thereby:

  1. decrease the time to get and stay compliant thus reducing costs associated with the compliance processes
  2. consistently implement standardized compliance processes across business units and geographies
  3. provide a centralized view of the compliance status
  4. enable generation of reports needed to demonstrate compliance for any regulatory or standard based audits
  5. obviate the need (in certain cases) to have extremely knowledgeable people on staff for each regulation or standard and optimally use the time of such skilled staff when needed
  6. address and adapt to the constantly changing regulatory landscape and achieve compliance with new regulations in significantly less time

ControlCase Compliance Manager

ControlCase Compliance Manager (CCM) is built upon the ControlCase GRC (CC-GRC) platform and provides an integrated solution to managing all aspects related to compliance. CCM allows organizations to implement the processes, integrate technologies and provide a unified repository for all information related to Compliance.

ControlCase Compliance Manager provides access to the core elements from the CC-GRC platform such as Workflow, Document Management, Controls Inventory, Fine-grained access control through a secure Web based interface. In addition, a core component of the CCM is the ControlCase Compliance ScannerTM (CCS).

ControlCase Compliance Scanner scans and integrates compliance related information from various sources such as, Databases, File systems, Firewall rules, Active Directory, Vulnerability Scanners, Application vulnerability scanners etc and matches them against "Compliance Signatures". To read more about Compliance Signatures click here

The ControlCase Compliance Manager provides certain key features that are essential to achieving the goal of effective Compliance Management.

Key Features
  • Single repository for regulations and standards
  • Centralized repository for compliance related organizational data
  • Electronic workflow to speed up communications between various entries
  • Automated compliance related data gathering from technology sources
  • Allow for gathering of data from non technology sources such as people
  • Map compliance data to regulations and standards
  • Automate the determination of compliance status based on collected technology and non technology related compliance data
  • Allow for generation of reports, export data for use with other systems within an organization
  • Provide management dashboards for compliance status with the ability to drill down across departments, geographies etc.
  • Allow for creation of custom compliance frameworks or modify existing ones
  • Provide reminders to people for addressing compliance related tasks in an optimal manner
  • Manage exceptions and activities related to compliance
  • Provide an exhaustive audit trail for all compliance related actions through the whole process