ControlCase Compliance Scanner (PCI Edition) for QSAs, Auditors and Security Consultants

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ControlCase Compliance Scanner allows QSAs/Auditors and consultants to streamline and automate the process of evaluating PCI compliance during onsite engagements. Results from leading vulnerability scanners and application scanners, along with cardholder data search features are processed by the Compliance Scanner to pre-populate approximately half the controls of PCI DSS.

Features of Compliance Scanner for QSAs include,

  • Easy interview wizard to walk QSAs through the entire process.
  • Automated search for cardholder data within servers and databases.
  • Automated mapping of application/network vulnerabilities (from leading security scanners) to “cardholder” assets and servers.
  • Automated firewall ruleset analysis and mapping of faulty rule sets to PCI requirements.
  • Generation of Report on Compliance with more than half controls pre-populated with accurate data on cardholder systems, their vulnerabilities and mis-configured firewall rule sets.

ControlCase Compliance Scanner helps QSAs save a significant amount of time and resources to perform PCI assessments.

It also improves consistency of assessments across people and time and can help demonstrate the quality needed by the PCI Council.