Security Event Logging and Monitoring Services

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Security Event Logging and Monitoring

Security event logging and monitoring is a process that organizations perform by examining electronic audit logs for indications that unauthorized security-related activities have been attempted or performed on a system or application that processes, transmits or stores confidential information. When properly designed and implemented, system event logging and monitoring assists organizations to determine what has been recorded on their systems for follow-up investigation and if necessary remediation.

What can security monitoring do for you?

Security event logging and monitoring services help clients to weed through system and audit logs quickly and cost effectively, leaving only relevant records that the organization must analyze and retain.

Effective logging and monitoring serves to help company's protect confidential information and through careful trend analysis, identify meaningful improvements to their security management programs.

ControlCase Security Event Logging and Monitoring Services

ControlCase's Security Logging and Monitoring Services help clients to tame information overload and to focus only on critical events that impact the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their confidential information.

The ControlCase Managed Compliance Services team employs an effective log data collection and analysis process and tools to review audit logs for critical events such as:

  • individual accesses to sensitive data;
  • all actions taken by privileged accounts;
  • access to audit trail data and functions;
  • invalid logical access attempts;
  • all identification and authentication actions;
  • initialization of auditing; and,
  • creation and deletion of system-level objects.

A key differentiator of our service is periodic and long-term trend analysis that serves to identify unauthorized activity and the effectiveness of implemented controls. Security event logging and monitoring serve as primary detective control within an organization's information security program.

All critical security events are analyzed, categories and provided to the client for immediate consideration.

Client Benefits

  • The ControlCase Security Event Logging and Monitoring Service helps client's to efficiently and effectively support all system logging and monitoring for the organization.
  • Our service provides trend analysis to assist our clients' to perform effective follow up and to design and implement compensating preventive controls within their environment.
  • Our service is designed to help client comply with industry-driven regulatory requirements and standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27002 HIPAA and SOX.
  • Our services are enabled using the CC-GRC portal which provides our clients with the ability to closely monitor engagement progress.

Service Frequency

ControlCase Security Event Logging and Monitoring Services can be performed as a standalone service or can be bundled with other ControlCase Managed Compliance Services as desired.

Security Event Logging and Monitoring services are typically scheduled on an annual contract basis.